I am sorry to announce another delay so soon after the last. This time it’s my fault. Eszti’s pictures are all there and ready to go, but I ran into some trouble in real live that keeps me pretty busy (it involves a tyrant, the police, the school headmaster, one of my daughters and two very angry mothers). I’ll update as soon as I have a few free minutes.



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  1. Posted by Antonious on August 18, 2010 at 2:25 am

    Hmmm, as bothersome as real life is, your comments sounded like the grounds for a good fiction story. Most of the necessary character elements are there. I say when the situation is past, take the bardic path and make a story of it. Treat the real life happenings the same as a lucid dreamer handles a dream only in written form. I know that even if the story deviates greatly from reality, the benefits you will get from the writing of it will be worth it. Mind you, the story need not be written with the intent of being read by others, it need only be written for yourself.


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