part 34

Onward to part thirty-four. NaNoWriMo has crept up on me and I’m joyfully hammering out 2200 words a day so I can take the weekends of to prepare Greenwitch’s update. I hope anyone appreciates that. 😉

Also, Eszti’s autumn holidays are approaching and I am confident that there will be an update with pictures again, soon.

Enjoy the story and please pass on the link if you like it,


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  1. Posted by Lore on November 6, 2010 at 12:56 am

    I am amazed you can keep up with NaNo and still post here. I love your determination and think you should stay focused on NaNo.

    Rock on, Cat!



    • Well, I love posting this story. It’s a wonderful experience to get feedback on something I put some of my heart-blood in. Currently, may NaNo efforts are right on target so I don’t think I’ll miss an update. There might be more language issues because I have less time to proof read. So if any one finds something, just point it out. Thanks for reading.


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