Spring surprise from my tired Muse


I went to the small town of Wolfenbüttel last weekend to attend a seminar on Creative Writing. It was very instructive and intense. Combined with the flue that plagues me since January, I felt very light headed upon return.

And then, spring struck … and with it an idea (not a new one but this time very detailed).

I thought, what if I use the flexibility of the Internet-language HTML to create a true non-linear story. My Muse already fed me quite a lot of interesting scenarios. I would like to write a Fairy-Tale Murder Mystery. Would you be interested? I don’t know yet how I’m going to publish it. The only thing that’s for sure is that traditional publishing doesn’t really work. I remember those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, but even if I liked the story, the flipping of pages and 2nd person POV ruined the fun. So I will use hyperlinks (which means it’s going to be some sort of e-book) and 1st person POV (since I don’t know if the reader is male or female). I have already filled 5 pages in my notebook.

Since I’m still in the planning stages, I accept suggestions. Anything you’re particularly interested in? Something that you think might fit into a crazy project like that? Any favorite fairly tales? Feel free to leave me a comment with your suggestions and/or ideas. I might not manage to get it all into the one story but I’ll definitely consider.

Hooray for my spring time Muse.
Enjoy the day,


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