part 47

“Take Reginald to the unicorns at the edge of the forest,” she said. The unicorn disappeared.

Djarret reacted faster than she had thought possible. He threw the sword to his left hand, turned around and seized Korosadja. Before Melissa could react, her hands were empty, and the blade of Djarret’s sword shot toward her right hip. It struck, and burning pain seared her right side. I failed! She sank to her knees.

At this moment, Leander rushed Djarret. The spider jumped directly into his face and covered eyes, nose and mouth with silken threads. Djarret grabbed Leander and smashed him to the ground but Leander snatched the magic stone from him. As fast as he could, he ran toward Melissa. He could see her, because she was on the ground only a few feet from him. Djarret was fast despite his restricted view. His sword cut through two of Leander’s hind legs. With a shout of pain Leander let Korosadja go. Djarret laughed, and it sounded hoarse but sure of victory. When he bent forward to pick Korosadja up, Melissa snatched the stone.

“Take Leander and me to the unicorns.” She did not hear Djarret’s disappointed cry any more. Leander and she lay in the grass next to Reginald. A unicorn mare bent over Leander. Melissa saw golden light drip from her horn. The wounds closed but Leander’s legs did not re-grow. When he saw Melissa’s sad face, he said, “hey, I’ve still got six left.”

Surprised, Melissa noticed that except for a big bruise on her thigh, she was unharmed. Since she had seen how sharp Djarret’s sword was, the coat must have saved her. Gratefully, she patted the fabric. She felt as if the coat nestled even more softly to her skin.

“Witch from Earth!” Since the fight was disrupted because of the spider silk, Djarret’s voice carried over the noise easily. “Bearer of Korosadja!”

Melissa got up slowly. She breathed heavily because her right side still hurt. She saw that Djarret held up something small. “What do you want?”

“Give me the magic stone, and you will get your aunt back.”

Melissa recognized the dormouse that her aunt had been turned into by his magician. Rage flooded through her veins like fire. She put her hands into her pockets and tried to control herself. She wanted to hurt Djarret, but she knew that she didn’t have a chance in a fight.

The fingers of her right hand clutched Korosadja, and it grew slowly warmer. Energy flowed into Melissa’s body and spread steadily. She knew that she could use Korosadja’s energy to kill Djarret. I am no murderer. There must be another way. She felt as if she was standing in an electrical field. Her hair stood on end, and her hands tickled stronger every moment. Melissa remembered, that Lysande had pulled her into her vision, and that the cherry had shown her how to see what she needed to see. If I can get close enough without being killed, Korosadja might help me lock Djarret’s mind into a permanent vision.

Use Greenwitch’s strength. With Korosadja’s words, knowledge surfaced from her subconscious as if the magic stone had opened a door. It was as if it had waited to this moment to reveal her hidden knowledge.

In her mind, she heard the cherry’s voice. “If humans experience the land’s magic in their own body, they can control it.” Tentatively, she reached out for Greenwitch, and its magic vibrated in her nerves like a strong current. It was the same tingle Melissa had felt ever since she had arrived in Greenwitch but much stronger. She knew she could do anything with it, anything she liked.

Melissa pointed at the leader of the Dark Warriors, and Djarret stiffened. Simultaneously, the dormouse changed its form and became Freya again. Melissa felt exhilarated. She made her aunt float through the air toward her. Her heart sang, because she felt as good as never before in her life. She turned her attention to the ground, and ivy tendrils shot out. They wrapped themselves around those Dark Warriors who did not yet lie on the ground sleeping.

Lysande announced what Melissa just realized. “You are a witch after all!”

“A hell of a witch. I have not seen something like this in several centuries,” the dragon said.

Melissa faces Djarret

Melissa faces Djarret

Melissa laughed. In the silence that lay over the battle-field, it sounded like the first bird of a sunny morning. She hugged her aunt who looked at her in confusion. “Dear Aunt Freya. I was such a beast. Bear with me a little while, and I will explain everything to you. I just have to settle something first.”

She strode over the battle-field past men who fought in vain against ivy. When she reached Djarret, she put her left hand on his cheek. Her voice sounded gentle. “Why do you do this? Why don’t you fight Ceres with your hate?” Djarret couldn’t answer but his eyes seemed so desperate and furious that a tear ran down Melissa’s cheek.

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